‘Zero Contact’ Review: A Nail Biting thriller worth your time

Synopsis: Finley Hart is the eccentric genius behind a global data-mining program. Upon his death, five remote agents — including his son — are contacted by a mysterious AI entity to reactivate the initiative, which may enable time travel. As sinister events occur at each of the agents’ homes, they must decide whether entering their passwords will save the world or destroy it. Available in Select theater’s on demand and digital May 27th.

Zero Contact is a pleasant surprise of a thriller, it’s something you wouldn’t expect much from an ever-growing cinematic experience with filmmaking via screen-sharing. Previous examples of this technique would include Blumhouse’s Unfriended, Searching, and Profile. If you were a fan of those titles, Zero Contact will be right up your alley.

Anthony Hopkins has been in the direct-to-video on-demand platform for a while now like several former older faces in Hollywood, however, he is simply fantastic and magnetic in the screentime he has in Zero Contact. You can get a contact high from the suspense in Zero Contact. It hits you like a ton of bricks and never slows down once it gets started.

With a lean runtime of 97 minutes, it never feels like it overstays its welcome, Rick Dugdale does an excellent job of directing the films with a mean atmosphere and nonstop thrills. It’s a great watch on the weekend. I wish it was getting a wider release in theaters as it would benefit an audience’s reaction.

Overall Grade: 3/5 stars

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