Website Of ‘Slender: The Arrival’ Adds Countdown, With Teaser Trailer Revealed

It’s incredible to think that a decade has passed since Slender: The Arrival made its debut on personal computers and gaming consoles. Currently, it seems that Blue Isle Studios is preparing to release their heart-stopping sensation again, later this summer.

The official website for Slender: The Arrival has recently undergone an update, featuring a timer that is currently counting down from 34 days. This suggests a reveal date of July 27th, although the nature of the announcement remains unclear. Further adding to the intrigue is a brief 14-second teaser, which can be viewed below.

The teaser for the Slenderman project is shrouded in mystery, which is fitting since the elusive entity is not present. In its place, we are presented with an emaciated figure situated at the foot of a staircase who remains largely motionless.

The overall effect is unsettling and eerie. It is difficult to say for certain what the upcoming reveal will entail. Will Blue Isle be introducing a new addition to the series, or perhaps revamping the 2013 game with updated graphics and gameplay? Clues suggest the latter may be the case, especially considering that the teaser is currently hosted on Slender: The Arrival’s Steam page. Regardless, until July 27th, all we can do is speculate.

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