Unleash the Terror with Trick or Treat Studios’ New ‘Halloween’ Board Game

Get ready for a spine-chilling experience with the latest addition to the INFAMOUS HORROR website.

The renowned 1978 horror classic, Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, has been the foundation for numerous sequels and imitations over the years. Now, the terror of the cult classic has been transformed into a thrilling board game by Trick or Treat Studios.

Available for pre-order now through Trick or Treat, the Halloween board game (see images on our website) is expected to ship to horror enthusiasts starting August 1st.

In this suspenseful game, one player takes on the role of the infamous Michael Myers, while the other players control Laurie Strode and her friends. The objective is to find weapons, the children, and a means of escape, all while avoiding Myers’ relentless pursuit. The game’s designer, Emerson Matsuuchi, has added an extra layer of challenge, as Myers can only be seen when a player is looking directly at him.

The original Halloween film, directed and scored by Carpenter, and co-written with Debra Hill, introduced the world to the terrifying Michael Myers. The film starred a young Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut role, alongside Donald Pleasence and Nancy Loomis. As horror fans are well aware, the plot revolves around Myers escaping from a sanitarium, returning to his hometown, and stalking a babysitter and her friends.

Stay tuned to INFAMOUS HORROR for further updates on the Halloween board game and the enduring film franchise.

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