Extrapolation’s Review

Extraoloatationds is a very unique series, that follows people in different decades through the universe’s evolution in the future. It features an all-star cast in a stellar performance. It’s brought to us by Scott Z. Burns who brought us Contagion,

The Informant, and The Report. In the first episode it builds a lot on intriguing possibilities from the science fiction aspect of the series. From the teaser we saw the a list cameo galore similar to HBO’s Entourage. Seriously, it even had Edward Norton in the teaser.

The writing is very strong in the pilot that will have the audience talking and contemplating for hours after the premiere, Scott does a great job branching out on his own outside of Steven Soderbergh’s filmography for his own creation here that may continue as one of Science Fictions most fascinating series ever created.

We recently had a blade runner anime series to come out from Adult Swim, that doesn’t even compare to each other, that’s how far above the totem poll Extrapolation’s should tell you this series is. We haven’t even reached the second episode yet and it could place itself amongst the greats like The Planet Of The Apes, or Blade Runner.

The writing is so surreal that casual fans of science fiction will continue to tune in like how True Detective forever changed Anthology series and Twin Peaks once changed Television, extrapolations will possibly change the way TV is made forever.

Overall Grade: 5/5 Stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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