‘Twisted Metal’ Review: An Unfortunate Miss

‘Twisted Metal’ unfortunately suffers from the success of ‘Deadpool’ with Rhett Reese as a producer. His works usually follow the same old one-liners technique to distract us from the story. Here Anthony Mackie does his best Ryan Reynolds impersonation as John Doe, which in the first two episodes of the series seems like a severely underwritten character who just happens to be the lead of the series. In the opening sequence of ‘Twisted Metal’ there is a cool chase scene with John Doe delivering goods to his clientele, including the magnificent as always Neve Campbell as Raven who no matter how weak the script may be always gives a true performance and never phones anything in.

A motor-mouthed outsider offered a chance at a better life, but only if he can successfully deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


The standout in the first two episodes of the season is Will Arnett voicing Sweet Tooth as he handles his dialogue and one-liners well enough to pass by in this interesting series. However, where the series suffers is the casting of Anthony Mackie, who tries to do something different than were used to seeing him being Falcon from the MCU, it doesn’t work here unfortunately. Stephanie Beatriz is the main one keeping the series grounded whenever she’s on screen. Her turn as Quiet is the best thing out of ‘Twisted Metal’ so far.

While I have only seen the first two episodes and haven’t been dying to go back and finish this, I will at some point, and I hope the characters evolve along with the story over time. The first two episodes might be the producers and writer’s world building to give an epic conclusion on the final five episodes of ‘Twisted Metal’. Most of me thinks this season was rushed to come out, it feels like it’s missing its humanity towards its characters. 

Overall Grade: 2/5 Stars

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