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Tunnel of Terror!

The Dog Cry Tunnel, or Inunaki Tunnel in Japan has been the subject of horrific fascination and urban legends since 1949 and is just as alive with mystery today!

Located near the Inunaki reservoir in Miyazaki town in a densely wooded region it is mysteriously famous for odd occurrences, supernatural phenomena, apparitions, and murders.

Even from its very origins the tunnel and surrounding area were cursed with bad karma. A cave in killing over 100 workers started off the tunnel’s birth and it is said that afterward, the people driving through the tunnel would find handprints and mysterious scratches on the roof and windows of their vehicles. 

An eerie atmosphere shrouds the misty forests and dilapidated buildings of the nearby Howling Village which also shares a weird sinister history with the  Inunaki tunnel.

Supposedly in 1978, a young couple was driving towards the tunnel when their car unexpectedly stopped working, unable to restart it the two lovers walked into the forest to seek help. Coming onto the Howling Village they saw an old man sitting on a porch who greeted them cheerfully. The old dude didn’t seem creepy at all until he suddenly came at them with a sickle and proceeded to slice them into ribbons!

The sound of crying children, white-robed apparitions, and unexplained screams have been experienced near the tunnel entrance at night coming from the tunnel and the surrounding forest.

If this isn’t enough to give you the screaming freakouts about this cursed Dog Cry tunnel in 1988 five teenage boys abducted a young male construction worker, Koichi Umeyama tortured him, and set him on fire inside the tunnel! The autopsy revealed that the young man had been beaten repeatedly and set on fire multiple times, eventually bleeding to death from head wounds. 

His scorched, mutilated, and burned body and clothing were found inside the tunnel, and no doubt his spirit has joined all the other unquiet, vengeful spirits that already reside there.

Ill-omens, suicides, and violence surround this tunnel with cautionary tales. Legend has it a young woman who leaped to her death from the cliffs above the tunnel entrance has been sighted numerous times by local residents, she is said to be roaming the forest area and her screams can reportedly be heard around 4 am.

The haunted and very probably cursed Dog-Cry tunnel is one of the most terrifying places to visit in Japan.  A horror film called The Howling Village was shot near here in 2019 and it makes use of some of the more disturbing aspects of this bizarre location.

The Inunaki tunnel has recently been blocked up to prevent ghost hunters and tourists from entering.

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