Tromania Runs Wild!

(Disclaimer: A.C. McCray was a cast member for Kill Dolly Kill and has worked conventions for Troma)

On May 12, 2023, The SCI-FI Center in Las Vegas, Nevada played host to a night of TROMANIA, an event celebrating the legacy of Troma Entertainment. The evening not only offered a retrospective of Troma’s past but also a glimpse into the future with the world premiere of Heidi Moore’s Kill Dolly Kill.

For those unfamiliar, Troma Entertainment is an iconic indie film studio marking 50 years of media disruption. The event was hosted by the President of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman himself, a perennial delight at such gatherings. Lloyd kicked off the evening by warmly welcoming everyone to Tromaville. The night featured a live commentary for Troma’s most iconic creation, The Toxic Avenger (who also graced the event). This 1984 B-Movie classic is set to be rebooted soon with Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage in the lead. While we anticipate that, attendees enjoyed a live commentary on the ’84 version, replete with amusing anecdotes and jests about the film’s creation from its director. Toxie himself, alongside his creator, was present for this occasion.

Next up was the film Eating Miss Campbell. In it, a vegan/goth high schooler named Beth feels her life has morphed into a cliché horror movie. After falling for her teacher, the eponymous Miss Campbell, she develops a craving for human flesh. As Beth strives to escape her real-life horror movie, things spiral out of control. Still, Lyndsey Craine plays it to perfection. It climaxes in a highly memorable final scene that’s a must-watch for any fan of Troma’s brand of horror – or any horror fan in general! Eating Miss Campbell is a perfect blend of humor and horror that you won’t want to miss!

Following a brief intermission, the cast and crew began to assemble for the red carpet premiere of Kill Dolly Kill, spearheaded by director Heidi Moore. After a concise introduction by Heidi and the cast, Kill Dolly Kill was unveiled in all its Tromatic glory to a full house.

Kill Dolly Kill, a horror rock musical (typical of Troma), is the sequel to 2016’s Dolly Deadly (also directed by Moore). We find Benji, now fully embracing his identity as Dolly Deadly, living in Tromaville’s Paradise Park. Unbeknownst to Dolly, her nemesis Slasherella, played brilliantly by the one and only Amy Vodkahaus, has returned seeking revenge! The narrative sweeps from Paradise Park to town hall, the Tromaville Psychiatric Hospital, and back! Will Dolly overcome her adversary, or will Slasherella seize the crown of Paradise Park? To find out, I recommend watching it yourself. The film is set for its east coast premiere in Baltimore, MD, on June 4, hosted by Heidi Moore and star Donna Slash. You can get your tickets for the east coast premiere here: https://themetrogallery.net/event/kill-dolly-kill-dolly-deadly-2/metro-gallery/baltimore-maryland/

Another personal highlight was the film’s ambiance. For longtime Troma fans, it resonates with the classics. Films such as Redneck Zombies, Cannibal! The Musical, and Terror Firmer are evoked as reference points for the visual style. Set in Tromaville, from a visual perspective, it recalls many great “Movies of the Future”. It aligns perfectly with the Troma that many of us cherished growing up.

Kill Dolly Kill represents a significant stride in Troma’s legacy. Additional screenings and festival appearances are scheduled for the future. Stay updated via Troma.com and the Kill Dolly Kill Facebook Page.

Overall, the first night of Tromania was a resounding success.

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