[Trailer] The ‘Nightmare on 34th Street’ Trailer Features a Malevolent and Enigmatic Santa Claus

This holiday season, Wild Eye Releasing is making a grand entrance with their latest independent horror film, Nightmare on 34th Street.

The film has been slated for release just in time for the Christmas Day festivities.

Coming to Digital on December 5th, the film features a malevolent and enigmatic Santa Claus who makes an appearance in a small, bucolic community. His bag is filled with unconventional presents and macabre tales of the holiday season. According to reports, the movie supposedly showcases a homicidal version of Santa Claus, the mythological creature Krampus, and violent carol singers.

James Crow directs the cast of Caroline Boulton, Lucy Pinder, Dani Thompson, Ewen MacIntosh, Andy Gatenby, and Adam Greaves-Neal in the film Nightmare on 34th Street.

View the official preview of Wild Eye Releasing.

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