[Trailer] The ‘Imaginary’ Trailer Guarantees a Movie Filled With Frightful Imagery and Startling Moments

Scheduled for release on March 8, 2024, “Imaginary” is a horror movie that is being produced by Lionsgate and Blumhouse, and directed by Jeff Wadlow.

The lead role is played by DeWanda Wise, who is also serving as a producer.

The movie centers around Jessica and her family as they move back into the house that she lived in as a child. However, things take a dark turn when her stepdaughter, Alice, discovers a strange stuffed bear named Chauncey in the basement. As Alice becomes increasingly attached to the bear, what begins as innocent play soon becomes something far more sinister. Jessica eventually uncovers that Chauncey is much more than just a toy.

The upcoming film, directed by the renowned Wadlow, who has previously worked on projects including “Cry Wolf” and “Kick-Ass 2,” guarantees a movie filled with frightful imagery and startling moments. The cast features esteemed actors such as Tom Payne, Taegan Burns, Pyper Braun, Veronica Falcon, and Betty Buckley. You can watch the complete trailer by clicking on the link below.

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