[Trailer] “The First Omen” Trailer Released by 20 Century Studios

Later this year, 20th Century Studios will release The First Omen, a new film that acts as a prequel to the beloved horror franchise, marking the emergence of evil.

Mark your calendars for April 5, 2024, because that’s when The First Omen will hit the big screen.

In “The First Omen,” notable actors such as Nell Tiger Free from “Servant,” Tawfeek Barhom from “Mary Magdalene,” Sonia Braga from “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” Ralph Ineson from “The Witch” and Onyx the Fortuitous, and Bill Nighy from “Living” come together to deliver an exceptional performance.

Arkasha Stevenson takes the directorial helm of the film, which features characters brought to life by David Seltzer, known for his work on “The Omen”.

The story is crafted by Ben Jacoby, while the screenplay is a collaboration between Tim Smith, Arkasha Stevenson, and Keith Thomas, who is also recognized for his work on “Firestarter.

David S. Goyer (known for Hellraiser) and Keith Levine (credited for The Night House) serve as the producers, while Tim Smith, Whitney Brown (associated with “Rosaline”), and Gracie Wheelan take on the role of executive producers.

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