[Trailer] ‘The Exorcism’ Trailer Starring Russell Crowe Has Been Released

This afternoon, Vertical has released the official trailer for a new meta possession horror film called The Exorcism, which features Russell Crowe (known for his role as The Pope’s Exorcist) in a starring role.

The North American distribution rights for The Exorcism have been acquired by Vertical, who will release the film in theaters on June 7.

Additionally, Shudder has partnered with Vertical to bring the film to home audiences later this year.

The Exorcism, helmed by Joshua John Miller, the writer of The Final Girls and an actor in movies like Near Dark and And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird, was directed by none other than Joshua John Miller himself.

Collaborating with M.A. Fortin, the co-writer of The Final Girls, Miller brings a personal touch to this project, given that his late father was the esteemed lead in what is widely regarded as the greatest possession film ever created.

Starring alongside Sam Worthington (Avatar: The Way of Water), Chloe Bailey (Praise This), Adam Goldberg (The Equalizer), and David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) are also featured in the cast. It is worth mentioning that The Exorcism was produced by Kevin Williamson (Scream, Sick).

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