[Trailer] ‘The Conference’ Trailer Appears to be a Potentially Violent and Thrilling Experience

One of the most prominent days for horror films is Friday the 13th of every month, and next month’s iteration is no exception.

Netflix’s The Conference has now secured its place among the other highly-anticipated horror releases for that day, and the newly-released trailer guarantees a terrifyingly good time.

Mark your calendars for October 13, 2023, as the highly anticipated release of The Conference will be exclusively available on Netflix.

This comedy horror film centers around a teambuilding seminar that goes awry when allegations of corruption emerge, causing chaos in the workplace. Meanwhile, an unidentified individual starts stalking and slaying the attendees one after the other, in this Swedish slasher comedy that features lovable, humorous characters.

The origin of the material is derived from Mats Strandberg’s book that bears the identical title.

Patrik Eklund is the director of The Conference, while Thomas Moldestad is the writer. The movie features Eva Melander, Katia Winter, and Adam Lundgren in prominent roles.

Notably, Winter has earlier acted in Banshee Chapter, as well as popular TV shows such as “Sleepy Hollow” and “The Boys. Observe the recently-released preview video which hints at a work-related convention gone awry when an individual makes the decision to murder a team-building activity.

The trailer further offers glimpses of what appears to be a potentially violent and thrilling experience through newly-released images.

The Conference is released on Netflix, specifically on a jam-packed Friday the 13th in October, expect chaos to ensue in the office.

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