[Trailer] ‘Gacy: A Serial Killer Next Door’ Gets First Trailer; Coming Out January 30

Mark your calendars for January 30th when you can access ‘Gacy: A Serial Killer Next Door’ digitally and through video on demand services.

The credit for both writing and directing this film goes to the talented Michael Feifer. The cast for this production includes Ryker Baloun, Shelby Janes, Mason McNulty, Ashley Ray Keefe, and John Omohundro.

In this gripping tale, the tranquility of a suburban teenager’s existence is upended when the notorious serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, takes up residence next door. Driven by curiosity, the protagonist embarks on a harrowing exploration of hidden truths, ultimately confronting the forces of darkness and undergoing a chilling transformation from naivety to a perilous encounter with malevolence.

The duration of the film is 97 minutes. Itshow has been given a rating of TV-MA.

The genre of this particular piece of work encompasses elements of horror, crime, and thriller, providing a gripping and suspenseful narrative.

The distribution company responsible for this is Quiver Distribution.

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