[Trailer] First Trailer For ‘Vermines’ Has Arrived

The latest horror movie designed for individuals with a fear of spiders, Vermines, has released its new trailer this week. The movie is set to debut in France on December 27th.

In the Charades and WTFilms collaboration, the cast is composed of indigenous actors and actresses, who share the screen with actual arachnids.

Vermines, a film directed by Sébastien Vaniček, known for his previous directorial work on critically acclaimed short films like Mayday. Florent Bernard, known for his work on youth-oriented projects like La flamme, Le flambeau and Bloqués, is one of the co-writers of Vermines.

The producer of the film is Harry Tordjman, who has previously worked on notable films such as Bref and À voix haute under the banner of My Box Films. The cast of this production features Théo Christine from Suprêmes, Finnegan Oldfield from Coupez!, Jérôme Niel from Fumer fait couser, Sofia Lesaffre from Les Misérables, and Lisa Nyarko in starring roles.

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  • Jermaine November 30, 2023

    Spider beware! Creepy and crawly!

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