[Trailer] First Trailer For ‘The Hyperborean’ ‘a Movie About An Iced Mummy With Laser-Shoothing Abilities

Today, we are excited to present the trailer for The Hyperborean, a film collaboration between Tony Burgess, the writer of Pontypool, and Jesse Thomas Cook, the director of Monster Brawl and Cult Hero.

Currently on a global festival tour courtesy of the Collingwood Film Company, the sci-fi, horror, and comedy hybrid film is generating a lot of buzz. You can experience a taste of the craziness for yourself by checking out the official, mind-boggling trailer below.

Let’s face it, the concept of an ice mummy with laser-shooting abilities is pretty captivating. The movie centers around a wealthy individual who has made his fortune in the whiskey industry. This person has invited his family members, who often have disagreements with one another, to try a special product that he has been working on. The product consists of casks of Scotch that have been aged for an impressive 170 years. What makes these casks even more unique is that they were discovered on a ghost ship in the Canadian Arctic.

Liv Collins, Ry Barrett, Jess Vano, Jonathan Craig, Justin Bott and Tony Burgess are the cast members who take the lead roles in the production.

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