[Trailer] First Trailer For ‘Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House’ Released by Hulu

Hulu’s original documentary, Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House, delves into the question of what constitutes an excessively extreme haunted house experience.

The forthcoming Huluween Original Documentary recounts the tale of Russ McKamey, the originator of the “most extreme haunted house” in the world, famously called McKamey Manor.

Three individuals who have experienced the horrors of entering the Manor have come forward to assert that Russ McKamey is not only a manipulative individual but a malicious one as well. The documentary aims to uncover the truth about this disturbing situation.

Hulu will be streaming Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House On October 12. The official trailer is available to watch below.

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