[Trailer] Eli Roth New Series ‘The Faceless Lady’ Gets First Trailer

The Faceless Lady, a scripted VR episodic series, has been unveiled by Crypt TV, ShinAwiL, Eli Roth, and Meta.

Presented by Eli Roth, written by Jerome Velinsky, and directed by John William Ross (known for The Birch), this groundbreaking series consists of six episodes and is the largest known production of its kind, marking the first-ever original scripted VR live-action, stereoscopic (3D) series.

Experience a groundbreaking virtual reality horror series that will push the boundaries of fear. Be prepared to be immersed in a chilling world like never before.

The highly anticipated premiere of this unprecedented series will take place in Meta Horizon Worlds on Thursday, April 4 at 5:00 pm PT. Brace yourself for the first two thrilling episodes that will captivate your senses. As the series unfolds, you can look forward to a total of six spine-tingling half-hour episodes. Get ready for a weekly dose of terror every Thursday following the premiere.

Joining forces with Tara Lee from The Fall and Staz Nair from Rebel Moon, the talented cast of this series also includes Daisy Jelley from How To Date Billy Walsh, Mei Henri from Hijack, Ugo Onwughalu, Sophie Rebecca-Jones, and Ned Dennehy from Peaky Blinders.

If you can’t catch the episodes on their premiere dates in Meta Horizon Worlds, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to watch the series on demand in VR on Meta Quest TV. And for all the fans without a Meta Quest VR headset, the first two episodes will be available to watch on Crypt TV’s Facebook page when they debut in VR.

Produced in collaboration with Meta, The Faceless Lady is a captivating VR experience brought to you by Crypt TV. The talented team behind this innovative storytelling format includes executive producers Jack Davis and Darren Brandl from Crypt TV, along with Eli Roth, Larry Bass, and Aaron Farrel from ShinAwiL. Light Sail VR provided VR production services, while co-executive producers Robert Watts and Matt Celia contributed their expertise to the project.

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