[Trailer] Delve Into the Darker Side of the 1980s in the V/H/S/85 Trailer

The latest collaboration between Shudder, Studio71, Cinepocalypse, and Bloody Disgusting takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s with the premiere of V/H/S/85 at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas (September 21 – 28).

Set to exclusively stream on Shudder starting October 6, 2023, the official trailer for V/H/S/85 has been released, embodying the essence of the decade.

Delve into the darker side of the 1980s by viewing the V/H/S/85 preview, showcasing five tales of terror created by the same filmmakers responsible for The Black Phone, Hellraiser, and Scream.

The V/H/S franchise is constantly expanding, with the most recent addition being V/H/S/85. This new installment joins a collection of several films, including V/H/S, V/H/S/2, V/H/S: Viral, V/H/S/94, V/H/S/99, as well as a spinoff feature called SiREN, making it a formidable and growing franchise.

Freddy Rodriguez (known for his role in Planet Terror) joins an impressive cast for V/H/S/85, which also includes Jordan Belfi, James Ransone, Dani Deetté, Rolando Davila-Beltran, Justen Jones, Marcio Moreno, Ari Gallegos, Forrest Hartl, Duffy McManus, Eric Pierson, Felipe de Lara, Tom Reed, and Vivian Morse.

The individuals responsible for the production of V/H/S/85 are a team of highly talented professionals. This team comprises of Josh Goldbloom representing Cinepocalypse, Brad Miska representing Bloody Disgusting, David Bruckner, known for his work on films such as V/H/S, The Night House, and Hellraiser, as well as the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, whose members include Chad Villella, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, and Tyler Gillett, who have worked on notable films like Ready or Not and Scream. James Harris is also part of this team.

The production of V/H/S/85 is under the executive production of Michael Schreiber and Adam Boorstin, both of whom are affiliated with Studio71.

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