[Trailer] Christmas Norwegian Horror Film ‘There’s Something in the Barn’ Gets First Trailer

The upcoming horror film, There’s Something in the Barn, explores the difficulty of breaking away from long-standing customs.

Today, Bloody Disgusting is thrilled to present an exclusive trailer for the movie. Provided by the Norwegian producer and distributor, this trailer is approximately one minute longer than the previous one, and it is filled with new scenes. Check out the most recent preview for There’s Something in the Barn down below.

This film guarantees to be an enjoyable horror-comedy with a festive twist, reminiscent of both the classic movie Gremlins and the beloved book series Goosebumps. The upcoming release of “There’s Something in the Barn” is slated for November 10 in specific regions. However, the film is set to debut at Norway’s most prominent Genre Film Festival on October 19th.

The individual responsible for directing the film is Magnus Martens. The Norwegian horror film stars Martin Starr, Amrita Acharia, and Jeppe Beck Laursen. The screenplay was written by Aleksander Kirkwood Brown.

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