[Trailer] Brand New Crocodile Movie ‘Immortal Species’ Coming Our Way This September

This morning, the official trailer for the highly anticipated film “Immortal Species” has been released. Formerly known as “Thesis,” the movie is set to premiere in Thailand on September 21st.

Take a look at the preview provided down below and keep an eye out for updates regarding the release date in the United States.

The tale commences with the introduction of a unique botanical specimen known as “Chalawan,” which is delivered to Nava, an experienced student of botany, via mail. Intrigued by the origins of this elusive plant, Nava assembles a group of companions to embark on a journey through the dense jungles of the western region, seeking to unravel its mysteries. In that place, as can be expected, the characters come across an enormous crocodile that preys on humans…

Immortal Species was directed by Jetniphat Sasing. Among the actors featured in the cast are Natouch Siripongthon, Nattapon Raiyawong, Phatchaya Phiansamoe, Ploy Sornarin, and Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong.

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