[Trailer] “A Haunting in Venice” Trailer Embarks on a Chilling Horror Expedition Set on The Open Ocean

Oscar® winning director Kenneth Branagh, known for his film “Belfast,” takes inspiration from Agatha Christie’s novel “Hallowe’en Party” to bring audiences a supernatural-thriller.

In “A Haunting in Venice,” the beloved character Hercule Poirot embarks on a chilling horror expedition set on the open ocean.

A Haunting in Venice, featuring a script written by Michael Green, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on “Logan,” was shot at Pinewood Studios, situated outside of London. Additionally, the film also captured scenes on location in the captivating city of Venice.

An exceptional collection of talented actors will bring to life an unforgettable array of characters. This ensemble includes renowned performers such as Kenneth Branagh, Kyle Allen (known for his role in “Rosaline”), Camille Cottin (from the popular series “Call My Agent”), Jamie Dornan (from the acclaimed film “Belfast”), Tina Fey (famous for her work in “30 Rock”), Jude Hill (featured in “Belfast”), Ali Khan (known for his role in “6 Underground”), Emma Laird (from the series “Mayor of Kingstown”), Kelly Reilly (known for her role in “Yellowstone”), Riccardo Scamarico (featured in “Caravaggio’s Shadow”), and Michelle Yeoh (from the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once”).

The highly anticipated film, A Haunting in Venice, is set to make its theatrical debut across the country on September 15, 2023.

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