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Tim Curry King of Horror

Whether you are a new Tim Curry addict or a Rocky Horror Picture Show devotee from 1975, there is probably one of his movies you have seen and loved. I mean, Christmas is not Christmas without watching Home Alone 2 and watching Tim Curry as the evil concierge in the Plaza Hotel.

The fact of the matter is, he is a legendary figure to millions upon millions of rabid cult following fans, so anything he appears in instantly gains notoriety and instant press. 

As an actor, he has appeared on Broadway, he has had three Tony Award nominations, Two Laurence Olivier nominations, he won an Emmy award as Captain Hook in Peter Pan and the Pirates, and he got a Lifetime Achievement award in 2015. He is a very dedicated professional in his craft and is uniquely terrifying when he is playing a dark character. 

When he starred as the clown Pennywise in IT 1990, his dedication showed through when he had to wear makeup that took 3 hours to apply. When he starred in Legend 1985 as the tormented demon Darkness, the prosthetics he had to wear in this film took 6 hours to apply, which is absolutely unbelievable. As he said in one interview, he mentioned that at one point he felt unable to breathe and had a panic episode. 

Tim Curry appeared as Dr Frank-N-Furter in the film phenomenon Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975, reprising the role he had augmented in 1973’s London and 1974’s Los Angeles musical stage production. This film Rocky Horror Picture Show launched his career in America and has become a cult classic ever since. 

Among other unique characters, he sang and appeared in the Film Fern Gully the Last Rainforest as the character Hexus, he was also the voice of the character Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2012 through 2014. He won an American artistic award in 2015. Tim Curry also starred in the 1998 direct-to-video film Addams Family Reunion, playing the part of Gomez Addams. I cannot list all the many films, animated series, and Broadway shows that he has appeared in, but I will say that his incredible range, versatility, power, and sheer magnetism have fascinated filmgoers and fans for decades. He is also starring in an upcoming animated movie I produced and wrote called Dagon Troll World Chronicles as the demon Necrofer, The Death Bringer. Something I am very excited about releasing in 2025. 

Any character he plays he develops with his own brand of flair, personality, and panache. I personally loved him in Legend as The Lord of Darkness, and I’m sure I am not the only lady out there who would have picked him over Jack as my playmate. 

One of the more subtle of his VO characters that he played as, was Auntie Whispers in Over the Garden Wall, which also starred Elijah Wood. The voice that he uses in this very creepy story is chilling. As this is a horror piece, I won’t explore any of his lighter roles such as Nigel Thornberry, but I will mention that the voice-over reel that he did for our own movie Dagon Troll World Chronicles that he recorded in 2020, that he did do a funny little skit just for us where he said a few things in Nigel’s voice and it was hilarious. He is such a sweet, and gifted individual, as well as being a supreme and professional actor. 

We approached Tim Curry in 2020 through his agent Marcia Herwitz about a part in our animated horror film Dagon Troll World Chronicles. The part he would be playing is that of Necrofer the demon, who wants to destroy basically everything on the planet Goth as well as eat a human child. We sent Tim’s script along with a character mark up and to make a long story short, he loved it! I had spoken with his agent Marcia a lot over the phone, about our goals, and hopes for our film and that Tim was perfect for the part. I believe that this shows in the way that he fulfilled our dreams by the way he brought our character to life with his sinister and seductive voice. 

Tim Curry came across town to do his recording at Salami Studios Hollywood during Covid which takes a lot of bravery as everything was in lockdown. After this, history was made and the legend began, we had meant for the character Necrofer to just be a demon, something not unlike a Sith lord, but Tim changed all that. He made the character a very dark, sarcastic, and sexy guy. The clever humor and snarky flair that he added to his lines completely blew us away. 

Tim Curry has come so far from his stage work and his Broadway debut, from Hair, to Rocky Horror Picture Show, and other West End productions, to all the many, many other films he has done, to today, where he stars in our own animated film Dagon Troll World Chronicles set to be released 2025. We feel so privileged and blessed to have become part of his lifetime legacy and achievements. The incredible person that he is always shines through everything he does, and I am breathless with antici—-pation to see how people react to his work in our film. 

Fun Tim Curry Quotes: 

“Don’t dream it, be it!” 

“I like dangerous directors who like dangerous actors, and dangerous productions, I like risky parts, abrasive characters the audience will not necessarily like.”

(About the production Hair) “It’s a piece about freedom and love, total love, and philosophy.”

Fun Facts about Tim Curry: 

Tim Curry loves to garden and he shared this hobby with Freddy Mercury the lead singer from Queen. Tim Curry had his own band and released three albums, Read My Lips 1978, Fearless 1979, and Simplicity. 

David Bowie’s makeup artist was also Tim Curry’s makeup artist on Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it took him three hours to apply makeup so Tim Curry took over doing his own makeup himself. 

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  • Deidre Ramirez March 19, 2024

    I absolutely Love Tim Curry 💘💘💘💘. He is so smart an talented an so absolutely amazing 💘💘💘💘💘😘😘😘😘😘😘 He is my love of a lifetime

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