The Munsters (2022) Review

There may come a time in one person’s career where they could be too much of a fanboy towards a franchise. Today we take a look at Rob Zombie’s The Munsters and find out why being a fanboy could be problematic for a creative team. We are all well aware of the love and affection that RZ has for The Munsters with his commentary track on The Munsters: Munster, Go Home.

Unfortunately, Rob Zombie can’t stay away from casting his wife in a pivotal role and making her so prominent in a film. Whereas Judd Apatow and Kevin Smith separate themselves from this dilemma that Leslie Mann was an actress before Judd’s rise into a comedic force director and Kevin may feature his wife but she isn’t the center point of his films. I like Sheri Moon-Zombie however, here she is miscast. Someone like Alison Janney could have owned this role.

The screenplay by Rob Zombie is also the worst of his career hitting a low point in slapstick jokes that just do not hit the right notes at all. Making the 1 hour and 49 minutes runtime feel longer than the Snyder Cut. The production design was by far the most impressive and elaborate part of the film. I was rooting for Rob Zombie to prove people wrong with this adaptation of the beloved series.

There’s something in this film that may make it one of those so bad it’s good films, with the midnight film crowd. Right now, however, it’s not going to find a huge audience of fans. Even Rob Zombie diehards may dislike his latest putting.

Overall Grade: 1/5 Stars

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