The ‘Leprechaun’ Franchise is Being Revived by Lionsgate, And A new Movie is in The Works Under The Direction of Felipe Vargas

Throughout the past year, Lionsgate has been actively on the lookout for pitches for their upcoming Leprechaun film.

THR has reported that Lionsgate has hired director Felipe Vargas (known for Milk Teeth) to “reimagine” the Leprechaun franchise, providing an update to the earlier scoop.

The screenplay was authored by Mike Van Waes. Vertigo Entertainment is the production company overseeing the work of Roy Lee.

Warwick Davis is not expected to reprise the role.

Mark Jones’s horror-comedy, which launched the Leprechaun franchise, premiered in 1993. The franchise continued with five sequels starring Warwick Davis, a reboot, and finally Leprechaun Returns in 2018. Despite being a sequel to the original film, Leprechaun Returns introduced Linden Porco as the title character instead of Dylan Postl, who played the role in Leprechaun Origins.

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