“The Invitation” Review: A fresh breath of air

It’s been way too long since we got a vampire movie coming our way. And to be honest, it was worth the wait.

The Invitation starts with a terrific scene that pays hommage to The Omen. After that scene, it’s just a build up with some well placed scary scenes that brings great tension and terror in the theater until the final 20 minutes when everything is fire, literally.

Don’t go with the mind thinking it’ll be like a 30 Days of Night movie or even a supernatural movie because, yes it has its moments, but overall it’s not like a Paranormal Activity kind of movie.

Even if we have seen this story many times, I still had alot of fun with it. It’s a smooth ride. The movie is not perfect and doesn’t reinvent the genre of vampire but it’s still a great addition.

The only complain i can tell is that the movie is way too dark. I wish we could have seen the creatures more.

Overall, The Invitation is not perfect but it’s still a good movie.

Overall rating; 3.5/5

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