The Harbinger (Fantasia 2022) Review: A truly scary Pandemic movie"/>

The Harbinger (Fantasia 2022) Review: A truly scary Pandemic movie

The Harbinger is one of those horror movies that come along very few times that you can compare the impact of it to the original Candyman. It is the scariest film to take place during the Covid19 pandemic that doesn’t seem to be misguided or made for a quick buck. We can thank the writer-director Andy Mitton for the terrifying time.

This movie features genuinely authentic performances from its cast including Gaby Beans, who will have a breakout performance if this gets seen by the right people. She deserves a lot of love for her performance. The movie does have its flaws but not too overly cliched in my opinion, that will downgrade it substantially.

When it comes to horror and genre films they’ve always made a social commentary on our current state, rather it be politically driven or dealing with something like an unprecedented pandemic that is still happening no matter what numbers may show. The Harbinger is one of those that is filled with tension throughout the second and third act that could match anything put out by A24 or Blumhouse. Andy Mitton should be on everyone’s radar after it’s festival run.

Overall Grade: 4/5 stars

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