The First Footage of ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Series Titled ‘Daryl Dixon’ Has Been Released

Next month, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” franchise will be making a comeback with a new spinoff series called “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” and there are several other brand new spinoff series that will be debuting soon.

In addition to the main show, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” universe is set to expand with the production of a new series called “Daryl Dixon,” which will star Norman Reedus.

This week, AMC has released an early glimpse into their upcoming project. See the sneak peek provided below.

Starring in the series “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” as regular cast members are Anne Charrier from “The Last Deadly Mission”, Eriq Ebanouey from “Fox Hunt”, Laika Blanc Francard from “My Night”, Louis Puech Scigliuzzi, and Romain Levi from “The Tunnel”.

Leading actors Clémence Poésy (known for her role in The Essex Serpent) and Adam Nagaitis (known for his role in Chernobyl) have joined the cast of the spinoff series, co-starring with Norman Reedus.

The Daryl Dixon series will be headed by David Zabel as its showrunner.

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