“The Exorcist Believer” Trailer Has Officially Arrived

The Exorcist Believer is set to be the first of a trilogy that will hit theaters on October 13, 2023. The Oscar-winning Leslie Odom Jr. will star alongside Ellen Burstyn, who will return as Chris MacNeil, her character from the 1973 original.

Leslie Odom Jr. is set to portray a father whose child is possessed. In a bid to seek aid, he seeks out Ms. Burstyn’s character.

Actors Ann Dowd from “Hereditary,” Lidya Jewett from Netflix’s “Nightbooks,” Raphael Sbarge from “Gaslit,” Jennifer Nettles from “The Righteous Gemstones,” and Olivia Marcum have all signed on for the project.

The narrative of ‘The Exorcist’ was created by Green, Teems, and McBride, while Sattler and Green penned the screenplay.

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