The Brain From Planet Arous (Blu-Ray Review): A Brilliant release

The Brain from Planet Arous is a delicious science fiction film from the 1950s where everything is off the table because it is so ahead of its time that a lot of the original audience may think it’s ahead of its time. With a brain that is as big as from the Futurama episode, some may be considered to be a parody now with the subgenre. While some may find this to be unbelievable now at the time it came people were sure to be amazed by the VFX.

The Film Collective does a great job bringing obscure films to light with sound and picture quality, that may inspire Rifftrax or Mystery Science Theater 3000, and it’s impressive that the use resources to spend on these type of schlock films from back in the day. In the end they are a damn fun time for us to watch.

This is back when genre films just got you to point A to point B in its destination, however when it came down to The Brain from Planet Arous it has its moment to where you can see the evolution of science fiction and genre films that led to people like Jordan Peele and Ari Aster . It is one of those films that you see the stepping stones of the genre that is highly impressive.

Overall Grade: 2.5/5 Stars

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