‘The Black Phone’ Review: A successful call

Yesterday, I went to watch the premiere of The Black Phone and oh boy let me tell you I was NOT disappointed.

After the success of Deliver us from Evil & Sinister (which is one of my all time favorite horror movies), the expectations were so high that I was actually scared to watch it because of being disappointed. But it did not.

The young actors were phenomenal in their characters, Ethan Hawke is absolutely incredible. His performance was fantastic. I was actually scared of him.

What about the story? Well, it was crazy. It’s defenitely a fresh breath of air in the horror world because it was actually (and finally) something new. It was well written with an amazing story line.

I hope there WON’T be a sequel because this movie alone was just great and doesn’t need a sequel. It ends perfectly. You saw what happened with Sinister. The first one is a masterpiece and the second one is an absolute let down, to say the least.

To me, you should defenitely see this movie on the big screen as soon as possible. The 102 minute runtime went way too fast.


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