“The Amityville Curse” Brand New Movie Now Streaming on Tubi

The Amityville Curse, a book written by Hans Holzer in 1981, has been adapted into a new horror movie called The Amityville Curse, which is now available for streaming as a Tubi Original.

In The Amityville Curse, a group of friends purchase an infamous home with the intention of flipping it, only to discover a deadly paranormal presence bent on destruction.”

Tubi provides a sneak peek of the latest version of Hans Holzer’s novel, which offers a contemporary twist to the beloved franchise while staying true to the original book’s fictionalized plot.

The movie’s adaptation was done by Dennis Heaton, known for his work on “Motive,” and directed by Éric Tessier, who directed “You Will Remember Me.”

The film’s executive producers include Graham Ludlow, Kaleigh Kavanagh, Brook Peters, and Shari Segal, all of whom worked on “Terror Train,” as well as Alexandra Holzer, Hans Holzer’s daughter and fellow author, who contributed to the movie as an homage to her father’s legacy.

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