Teaser for ‘George A. Romero’s Resident Evil’ Documentary is now available

Hold onto your herbs and first-aid sprays, Resident Evil fans, because the long-awaited update on director Brandon Salisbury’s upcoming George A. Romero’s Resident Evil documentary is finally here! That’s right, it’s been months since the announcement of this tantalizing project, but the wait is almost over, and the new teaser trailer is sure to get your pulse racing.

Thanks to the folks over at Residence of Evil, we now have a sneak peek at what promises to be a spine-tingling, bloodcurdling journey through the mind of one of horror’s greatest visionaries. Salisbury has spared no expense in paying tribute to Romero’s iconic style and the game that inspired it all, and the result is a documentary that promises to be as immersive as it is terrifying.

Prepare to step into a mansion that echoes the dark, gothic aesthetic of Resident Evil’s infamous Spencer Mansion, complete with all the creepy corridors and hidden secrets you know and love. But that’s just the beginning – mixed in with footage from Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead and Capcom’s Survival Horror masterpiece are newly-filmed interviews with the key players involved in the ill-fated Resident Evil film.

The documentary also promises to include archived footage and “unearthed documents” that shed light on the never-realized project, giving fans a glimpse into what might have been. And let’s not forget the cherry on top – the teaser ends with the iconic voice of Ward E. Sexton announcing the name of the documentary in classic Resident Evil style, leaving us all salivating for more.

So strap in, stock up on ammo, and get ready to dive headfirst into the world of George A. Romero’s Resident Evil – this is one horror experience you won’t want to miss! The documentary is listed as “Coming Soon”, so keep your eyes peeled for updates and prepare to face your fears.

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