‘Talk to Me’ Filmmakers Already Shot Prequel Based on The Film’s Opening Scene

The exceptional performance of Talk to Me, a film distributed by A24, at the box office brings great joy to the Philippou brothers, Danny and Michael. Known for their highly popular YouTube channel “RackaRacka,” the brothers are now on the path to a prosperous career as filmmakers in the feature film industry.

What lies ahead for the Philippou brothers? It appears that their next endeavor may already be in the can, ready to be unveiled.

During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter regarding various aspects of Talk to Me, the brothers disclosed that they have already completed the filming of a prequel that precedes the events depicted in Talk to Me. In particular, they captured footage that provides further details about Duckett’s story, a previous target of the film’s supernatural entity whose dreadful destiny was unveiled in the initial sequence.

In an interview with the media, Danny Philippou reveals, “We have already filmed a complete prequel to Duckett. The narrative of this prequel is solely conveyed through the lens of mobile phones and social media, and there is a possibility that we may make it available in the future.

While it is probable that the Philippou siblings are alluding to a brief aspect rather than another characteristic, it is still exhilarating to learn that there are additional elements in the realm of Talk to Me. While crafting the initial screenplay, it is inevitable to conceive scenes for a potential sequel,” Danny explains.

“Consequently, there exists a multitude of scenes. The narrative structure was intricately woven, and if granted the chance by A24, we would find it impossible to decline. I have a strong inclination that we would eagerly seize the opportunity.”

Michael expresses his enthusiasm for both creating original stories and exploring the “Talk to Me” concept. While they have a plethora of unique narratives they wish to share, they also find the prospect of a sequel intriguing. They are open to the idea and not opposed to further exploring it.

Is it possible that we will witness the release of prequel footage in the future? Furthermore, is there a possibility that A24 will request a sequel for Talk to Me? These questions remain unanswered at this time. However, we will continue to provide you with updates as we gather more information.

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