‘Subject’: A Man Who Becomes Entangled In A Malevolent Government Scheme

The upcoming debut of Subject will be presented exclusively on Cineverse’s horror streaming platform, SCREAMBOX. This platform is operated by Bloody Disgusting and the release will be featured as a SCREAMBOX Original.

The North American debut of Subject is set to take place during the virtual section of the Chattanooga Film Festival, occurring from June 23-29, 2023. Following this, the film will become available for streaming on SCREAMBOX starting August 22.

To initiate the experiment, view the official trailer for Subject below.

Tristan Barr, an acclaimed director known for his work on “Good Times,” brings us “Subject,” a film about a man who becomes entangled in a malevolent government scheme. As he is being transported to jail, Willem is given a captivating proposition: participate in a clandestine government experiment and receive a reduced sentence.

Vincent Befi wrote the film, while Barr and David Gim produced it under their company, Continuance Pictures. Executive producers for the film were Jason Scott Goldberg, Daniel Kim, and Mark Kim.

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