‘Stèphane’ Review: Beyond Fest 2022 – A must see thriller


A bold comedy thriller from the acclaimed filmmaker Timothée Hochet (Calls – Canal+ & Apple TV) and Lucas Pastor.
Student filmmaker Timothée documents his time with the larger-than-life character that he meets whilst shooting a short spy film. As time goes on, their jovial and eccentric talks become something far more sinister.

Stèphane is a jarring experience, from filmmakers Timothée Hochet and Lucas Pastor who should have a breakthrough career after audiences are able to view this nationwide. It’s the type of experience that demands to be seen on the big screen with a group of friends so you can experience all the gasps laughs and awes that come along the way. Lucas Pastor gives us a character we can be moved by and be fully engaged with that helps ground the movie.

While Lucas Pastor gives us one of the most terrifying and daunting characters in found footage/pov films since Gene Jones in The Sacrament. Some foreign films can be a tough watch for some, reading the subtitles while watching the movie at the same. With Stèphane I didn’t feel a disconnect there at all. It’s too suspenseful for anyone to notice. It’s brilliantly made and hopefully will receive a release date in the US soon.

It’s one of the better independent horror thrillers of the year with the two leads have such great on screen chemistry that will make you want to watch it again and again. I’m looking forward to what these two filmmakers do next. If you get a chance to see this at a festival near you, please do.

Overall Grade: 5/5 Stars

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