Srigala: A Remake of the Indonesian Friday the 13th

We’ve all heard about the famous Turkish remakes. These movies are so bad they’re good, borrowing scripts, scenes, and music without any respect for copyrights. But outside of Turkey, we can find other gems like that. One of them is the 1981 Indonesian remake of Friday the 13th, titled Srigala, also known as Wolf and The Fox. It was directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra.

A trio of treasure hunters ventures to a remote lake in search of a submerged fortune but encounters unexpected company in the form of vacationing college friends. The treasure trackers attempt to scare the students away with stories of ghosts and demons, but they all end up in a fight for survival as someone, or something, hunts them down one by one.

The synopsis is pretty different from the original movie, but there are still several borrowings that fans will recognize: the abandoned camp, the lake, the clumsy guy, the final girl, the woman killer… The treasure hunters aren’t bad guys; they just want to find the treasure in the lake. In many other films, they would try to kill the annoying characters, but here they like the college girls, so why not try to have a good time? Some interesting differences can be noted. In one scene, the killer, dressed in black with a balaclava, attempts to kill the treasure hunters in motorboats in broad daylight. Do you remember the boat chase from the first movie? No? Well, there is one now. Additionally, three zombie-like creatures emerge from the water.

Thanks to Terror Vision for finally giving us a worthy edition. This is the first disc release ever, and it was about time. Before that, to see this movie, we had to be satisfied with a low-quality bootleg VHS copy on YouTube with no subtitles. Now we have a new 2K scan from the original camera negative with two minutes of additional footage, new subtitles, and new interviews with the producer and the main cast, all in a beautiful case with a neat slipcover.

Film 3/5

Transfert 3/5

Bonus 2.5/5

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