Spoiler-Free ‘Smile’ Review

This review is spoiler free

Today’s finally the day that SMILE releases in theaters. I was super excited to see that one, especially after the great marketing Paramount Pictures did. And to be honest, it was a good movie. Is it fantastic? No. But is it entertaining? Hell yes!

If you are a fan of jump scares, bloody scenes & creatures, this movie is definitely for you. You can expect at least one jump scare every 10 to 15 mins. And the movie’s 2 hour long. So no need to go to the gym to lose that popcorn you ate.

I think it can however be a bad thing for the film because too many jump scares gets annoying at one moment. You’d rather get 5-6 jump scares with a great story than having 10-15 and having a slow or bad storyline.

Also, I think the script could have been way better than it is. It had potential but it fails to deliver to the fullest. What annoys me the most is how this creature came to life? Why does it posses people one after another? What’s its story? This is the part that I thought was a bit bad.

But overall, SMILE is a good movie if you want to be scared but don’t expect a crazy storyline because that ain’t it. It’s a soft horror movie.


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