Special Limited Ultra HD 4K Edition SteelBook of ‘Friday the 13th’ Coming This October

To celebrate the Halloween season, Paramount released a 4K Ultra HD version of the iconic horror film, Friday the 13th.

Now, fans can look forward to a special limited edition SteelBook release of the film in 4K.

According to the information provided by Fridaythe13thfranchise.com, Paramount has announced that they will be releasing a Limited Edition 4K SteelBook version of the film Friday the 13th on October 10, 2023.

According to the website, the upcoming release will share identical specifications with the 4K disc that was launched in the previous year. However, this new edition will come in SteelBook packaging and include a special slipcase that showcases the artwork used for the vinyl release of the film’s soundtrack by Waxwork Records. Today, you have the opportunity to purchase the non-SteelBook 4K release for a mere $12.99 on Amazon.

You will find both the “Unrated” and theatrical versions included in the release.

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