“Soviet Sleep Experiment”; First Image of Movie From The Creepypasta Story Revealed

According to Screen Daily, the film titled “Soviet Sleep Experiment” has had its worldwide rights acquired by Buffalo 8, a production and distribution company based in Los Angeles.

The Soviet Sleep Experiment is a chilling tale inspired by the Creepypasta urban legend. It narrates the harrowing experience of a group of Russian researchers who embark on an experiment to keep four patients awake using a groundbreaking stimulant. However, as the experiment veers off course, the subjects are compelled to take matters into their own hands, resulting in a horrifying turn of events.

According to the original narrative of the Creepypasta story, it was purported that Soviet scientists administered an untested stimulant during the 1940s to prevent five individuals from sleeping for a continuous duration of 15 days.

The cast for Soviet Sleep Experiment consists of Eva De Dominici, Rafal Zawierucha, Chris Kattan, Evgeny Krutov, Michael Villar, Charles Hubbell, and Paul Cram.

Andersson collaborated with Jack Katzenberger, Sara Leeper, Crist Ballas, and Jamey Guy to create this production.

Take a look at an authentic frame from the forthcoming horror film featured below.

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