‘Skinamarink’ Review – All Along The Quiet Horror Front

Every so often a phenomenon comes along in the horror genre, especially with quiet horror, I remember seeing both the original Paranormal Activity and A Quiet Place on the big screen and knew there was something big about to take over the minds of horror fans for a long time. Here comes another quiet horror phenomenon that’s scary and slick as hell! Skinamarink is the next great thing in original quiet horror. It could even work as a silent film.

Kyle Edward Ball has crafted something truly horrifying if you let your imagination take over. It’s one of the best Haunted Houses movies since Insidious and The Conjuring. When were first introduced to the characters we have no clue what’s going on, we think it’s just q typical night. Until the child starts roaming and moving around the hallways and the doors and windows start disappearing.

Cinematographer Jamie McRae should already be on several award-season watch lists for 2024. What he does on a micro-budget scale and seemingly nothing around him, is truly astonishing and worth your while to engross your imagination. Lucas Pall also gives a powerful breakthrough performance as Kevin. Us horror fans have to be truly thankful for IFC Films and Shudder for bringing us this truly original masterpiece that could go toe to toe anything A24 and Blumhouse have ever done.

Overall Grade: 5/5 stars

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