Shudder Releases Trailer For ‘Influencer’

Shudder’s horror film, “Spiral,” was directed by Kurtis David Harder. Now, he has returned with a new movie titled “Influencer,” and the official trailer has been released by Shudder. Check it out below.

Starting May 26th, you can catch Influencer exclusively on Shudder and AMC+.

When a popular Social Media Influencer becomes enamored with an imprisoned man, she launches a campaign to exonerate him. Ultimately, they succeed in securing his release, but the woman soon discovers a disturbing truth that radically alters the course of her life.

The cast features Sara Canning and Rory J. Saper as well.

The script for this project was written by Kurtis David Harder in collaboration with Tesh Guttikonda.

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