See For Me Review: An Authentic Thriller

Every so often you get a movie so authentic you have to give it a standing ovation, we get that with IFC Midnight’s See For Me starring an actual visually impaired female as the lead. It’s a risky chance for the studio to take for a role like this but luckily the reward is higher than the risk. 

The director along with the casting director deserves all the credit in the world for finding lead actress Skyler Davenport as Sophie, a visually impaired house-sitter. That uses the ‘See for Me’ app throughout the movie which is in fact the real life app that many people use to help people all over the world.

One interesting aspect of this movie is that the “What if?” factor of how would you respond if someone on the other end of the See For Me app was caught up in a home invasion scenario? What “See For Me” does so well is have a character that’s against the ‘system’ on the other end of the app helping our heroine Sophie handle the home invasion. We also know Sophie is not a saint herself as she helps the person on the other end earlier in the film ask her for help stealing a bottle of wine from the homeowners wine cellar. 

The movie is boosted by Sklyer and director Randall Okita trust in one another and it shows the director’s knack for creating tension in small spaces throughout the house. Every bump or step along the way you feel more and more anxious for Sophie against the villains invading the home she is house-sitting. What really solidifies this movie as well is having the great character actor Kim Coates as the leader of the robbers as he delivers an exceptionally menacing performance for the final third act of the movie. 

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

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