Scream [Review]: The best since the original

Scream has been a cult favorite franchise ever since it debuted back in the 90’s all the way up to Gail’s infamous hair style in Scream 3 when it was being much more of a character than another sequel including fan service cameos with Jay and Silent Bob.

Then came and went Scream 4 without anyone really batting an eye at it. It seemed like the franchise may have finally ran its course with fans outside of the diehard, so the main question with this new installment will it be more of the same or another cash grab? Turns out Scream 5 aka Scream is in top-notch form for the franchise to make a pivotal return to cinemas in the day and age of reboots and they do poke fun at the concept of reboots going completely new, including a younger cast and some legacy characters to make it feel somewhat important.

We have the fantastic legacy characters come back for this new installment of Scream including the never better Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, I for one have never been big on David Arquette but here he crushes it, in one what may be his best performance of the franchise almost feeling like a superhero moment after superhero moment in the film. The new cast members breathe fresh life into the franchise including a knockout performance from Jack Quaid( The Boys) who honestly steals the movie amongst the young cast.

Thankfully Scream sticks to true to its ultra meta vibe throughout making you laugh at every bump around the corner. Making you think someone will be there with every ominous score, acting like a wink at the audience. Scream 5 also known as Scream is the ultimate horror comedy of the winter season and a great way to spend time at the theaters with a group of old friends you never knew how much you missed them. 

Overall grade: 5/5 stars

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