“Scare Package 2: Rad Chad’s Revenge” Review – Parody and Horror Can Coexist

“Scare Package 2: Rad Chad’s Revenge” is now available on VOD.

When horror guru Rad Chad Buckley’s funeral turns into an elaborate series of hilarious death traps, the guests must band together and use the rules of horror to survive the bloody game.

REVIEW: Firstly, the movie is a collective black comedy film. The feature takes up the basics of horror parody films, so there’s nothing new about it. In most parody films, we often have a multitude of sequences that follow each other without really having a link, for the sole purpose of parodying the greatest number of horror sagas. In this production, it is quite the opposite.

The film, directed by several people, is extremely well put together; no sequence is left to itself. We have the main story, which is a group of people trapped in an escape game, interspersed with mini-films that will then be useful to the characters to escape from this room. So the guideline is never cut, and everything is linked together very well.

Although this feature film is a comedy, the horror is not left out. The gore, jump scares, and oppressive atmosphere are present throughout the story. However, humor cuts this rhythm at times when we least expect it, triggering laughter from the viewer. This proves that humor and horror coexist well in this film production.

On the negative side, it’s the acting that really leaves something to be desired. The acting is overplayed (as in all parody productions) and we can’t get attached to the characters. The acting should have been more realistic so that we would have had a film that really takes itself seriously. It’s a bit as if the creators of this film do not accept the fact that the film includes both humor and horror, and that they use the bad acting of the actors so that the film cannot be classified in either of these two categories.

In the end, we have a horror comedy that parodies well-known sagas from the big screen. A film that stands out for the fact that it doesn’t neglect horror in favor of burlesque and grotesque parody. However, it unfortunately does not offer us a cinematographic production worthy of the name.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars.

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