Robert Englund Officially Declares Retirement from Playing Freddy Krueger

The confirmation has been made by Robert Englund that he will no longer play the famous horror character, Freddy Krueger, from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series.

In an interview with Variety to discuss his upcoming documentary, Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story, Englund was questioned about the possibility of reprising his horror role in the event of a tenth film in the series receiving the green light.

“I’m too old and thick to play Freddy now,” Englund admitted. “I just can’t do fight scenes for more than one take anymore, I’ve got a bad neck and bad back and arthritis in my right wrist. So I have to hang it up, but I would love to cameo.”

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  • sarah kelsey June 1, 2023

    there will never be another freddy, robert england broke the mold on this one and it could never be redone better than he did, caused me many nightmares as a kid but as an adult truly an amazing actor always 💚

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