‘Rings’ & ‘Before the Fall’ Director F. Javier Gutiérrez is Back With New Film “The Wait”

F. Javier Gutiérrez, a renowned filmmaker from Spain known for his works such as “Before the Fall” and “Rings,” returns with his latest creation, “The Wait” (La Espera).

This new film can be characterized as a chilling blend of folk horror and tragedy, set in the mystical and isolated countryside of Andalusia.

This land, shrouded in darkness and steeped in ancient customs, serves as the backdrop for a haunting tale. We are excited to announce that The Wait has been chosen as an Official Selection for this year’s Sitges International Film Festival. Keep an eye out for the release of the trailer, coming soon.

The forthcoming horror film is a collaboration between Spal Films (known for their work on “Before the Fall”), Nostromo Pictures (recognized for “Buried” and “Penny Dreadful”), and Unfiled Films, which is Gutierrez’s own production company.

The cast of the movie includes Victor Clavijo (“Before the Fall”), Ruth Diaz, Manuel Moron, and Luis Callejo (“Below Zero”).

The movie “Eladio” follows the story of a man named Eladio (played by Victor Clavijo), who works as a keeper on a hunting estate. One day, he is offered a bribe by a seasoned hunter, and after accepting it, his life takes a dramatic turn. What initially seemed like a golden opportunity quickly transforms into a nightmarish journey as Eladio discovers that his string of misfortunes may not have been a mere coincidence.

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