Our most anticipated movies for this years Fantasia International Film Festival"/>

Our most anticipated movies for this years Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up again, and we have a look at a great lineup today we’re going to tell you what we’re looking forward to the most out of the massive selection that is always top-notch in the horror genre.

Sadako DX: The Ringu mythologies return in this newest installment from legends director Hisashi Kimura’s, hopefully this brings the franchise back towards its terrifying roots and is a home run for everyone at Fantasia.

Country Gold: A new film by the interesting Mickey Reece. Having someone playing George Jones in a Reece film sounds exhilarating and we cannot wait to watch it during our remote coverage for the festival.

Dark Glasses: One of my all time favorite directors returns to the directors in Dario Argento, along with Asia Argento in a supporting role. This has to be a crazy number for Dario directing.

Next Exit: Next Exit had us at Infamous Horrors excited right from the beautiful trailer. We’re always looking for something different and this looks refreshing fresh for the genre.

Swallowed: Last up is Carter Smith’s Swallowed, a friend of ours got to cover this at a previous festival over at PopHorror, after her glowing statements we cannot wait to see what Carter Smith has in store for us with this one.

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