‘Our Father’ Review: A Documentary that acts like a Horror Film

Our Father is a new true-crime documentary in a forever growing sub-genre of what is already a sub-genre of documentaries. This time brought to us by Blumhouse and Netflix, these two powerhouses are guaranteed success in this genre. To our pleasure, Blumhouse has the best Netflix true-crime documentary since ‘The Keepers. The story behind Our Father is one you would place in the must-see to believe category. They even tell us in the main titles that all the voice recordings are true which makes this even more shocking.

The story itself follows a woman who had an at-home DNA test to find out she has a shocking amount of half-siblings and finding out who they are and the sperm donor who ‘made them’. As we get to know our main characters, we see the trauma that the now infamous case has delivered to this small town. Once we find out it was one of the town’s biggest doctors Dr. Donald Cline is when the real tragedy strikes.

This documentary will not be suitable for the weak stomach and does have to have thick thin to be able to finish Our Father as it does borderline on a subject that is virtual rape as Dr. Cline impregnated his patients that he misled in believing he was giving them someone else’s donated sperm instead of his own. Now it seems half of the town is his kin and it frustrates the mothers and siblings for this behavior that went unnoticed for so long and they can’t even charge Dr. Cline with more serious crimes.

This documentary does need to be watched with Blumhouse backing it for Netflix it looks well enough it could be played on the big screen with an audience groaning and every turn. If it was released in cinemas it would feature some of the most tense groaning reactions since the original ‘Oldboy’.

Overall Grade: 3/5 stars

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