‘Orphan; First Kill’ review

Orphan: First Kill is a brilliant prequel to the horror phenomenon called Orphan, about the girl who gets adopted into her new forever home and turns out to be a woman that is the height as a child and plays a devious character. Isabelle Fuhrman reprises her role in this sequel that is going to be in select theaters and Paramount Plus. My suggestion would be to see this in theaters as horror always plays better on the biggest screen.

If you’re a fan of the original like I am, then Orphan: First Kill won’t be too much of a stretch as it does bring back the original star and doesn’t try to do too much like a lot of prequels do nowadays. It keeps the story rather simplistic is the only complaint I have towards the prequel that though it doesn’t try to do too much it is too by the numbers when it comes to the subplot and the supporting cast.

It was cool to see them deage Isabelle Fuhrman to look like she was much younger and it wasn’t as distracting as previous examples in Captain Marvel and The Irishman. Julia Stiles always crushes her roles and in Orphan: First Kill it is no different she carries the supporting cast standing toe to toe with Isabelle. If you end up digging this prequel I suggest you check out William Brent Bell’s other horror movie Separation.

At the end of the day Orphan: First Kill isn’t a game changer but it is a rather well-done prequel that will make fans of the original Orphan happy enough. It may not have the same viewing power as the original but still is perfect for a weekend night horror movie viewing experience.

Overall Grade: 2.5/5 Stars

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