‘Offseason’ interview with director Mickey Keating

Last week we got the chance to interview the director of the new horror thriller Offseason Mickey Keating, we talk about how he came up with the concept of the film and also the casting choices.

AJ: Hey Michael, thanks so much for joining us today, how did the concept of this film come about? I got a lot of folk horror vibes from the story.

Mickey: Thanks for having me, yeah, well, I grew up in Florida as a kid and we would often visit these antique stores and sometimes they would have these vintage books about ghost stories, that’s the feel how I wanted to have this movie to have when we were filming it. I’m pleased how it turned out.

AJ: That’s awesome, how did the casting process come all together? The couple in this movie were terrific together.

Mickey: I knew Joe Swanberg before we shot Offseason and I always wanted to work with Jocelin Donahue, who does an excellent job in this movie, so the casting came about seamlessly for this movie, it was rewarding to see it all play out.

AJ: What’s next for you Mickey?

Mickey: I am still trying to figure that out at the moment, hopefully when it does happen we can have less restrictions because as a filmmaker you want the ability to do what fits perfectly amongst your surroundings.

AJ: Thanks again for joining us Mickey, it’s been fun and congratulations on Offseason.

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